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I Belong to You - A K/S Fanmix
brittanyksduh wrote in brittanyspirk
We all knew it was coming, and actually it's coming in two parts. This fanmix is about their relationship during TOS, so there are songs about flirtation, sexual tension, devotion, inner conflict, beauty, a little bit of everything that made their painfully obvious attraction so much damn fun and GUH to watch.


***Back cover with song list and download link here at my journal:

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Speeeeeaking of music, it occurs to me that if you haven't heard For the Need of The One, you really really should.

So here.

That was pretty. damn. haunting.
The pronunciation of t'hy'la made me twitch, but other than that it was just...haunting is the only word that's coming to mind right now.
::hugs you for the link::

Wasn't it? I can't actually listen to it with any frequency. I have to be in a particular mood.

And the woman who wrote and sang this is a published TOS novel author~ *loves this fandom*

Yeah, the way she says t'hy'la is ...just wrong. But hell, she tried.

*hugs you back* Considering how much work you're putting into championing K/S, I figured you might like this quarrel for your quiver. ;3

Regardless of how long it's been since you posted this: I just came across your analysis of the TOS episodes and your youtube videos and I'm a big fan! I was so happy to have someone verbalize (so well) that obvious signs of love. Thank you from the bottom of my bottom. Nuff said. You do great work. I'm making my own happy return to livejournal, done some slash in my day, with other equally obvious couples;)

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