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A Couple of Random Things
brittanyksduh wrote in brittanyspirk
***USAGE RULES: Take if you like, please credit to 'Brittany Diamond' if you use. Many thanks. =)

So I was in the middle of working on a rant for The Ship's Closet, and I kind of got in a feisty mood. The next thing I knew this wallpaper existed:


Sensitivity fail, ftw.

Now this wallpaper has actually been a long time coming....


I don't even remember what the real name of that thing is. I'm sure they said it in the episode (City on the Edge of Forever), but I was too busy calling it what it looked like to pay attention to silly things like actual names.
Because really.



(You can read all about The Snarky Metal Vagina of Time Travel here in the City on the Edge of Forever chapter of my Analyzation/Commentary:
::cue The More You Know star::)

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Sensitivity fail, FTW! YES. That is too awesome.

Also, I can't stop laughing at the flowy pink font you used for 'vagina'.

Nicely done, darling. I did indeed, get a kick out of them.


*appropriate pimping icon is pimping the commentary*

more of 'Sensitivity fail, ftw', pliz?
your wallies are EPIC.

*FLAIL OF SHEER JOY!!!!!!!!!* You have NO CLUE how important that second one is to me. Would you let me know if I can show that to my friends? 'Cause they thought I'd lost my mind after reading your TOS analyzation when I started calling people at 11pm and posting all over the web: "ATTENTION: Snarky Metal Vagina of Time Travel. Thank you. That is all."

Oh, you so rule. Would that I could send you my firstborn, but I ain't reproducing ever. So, instead, I will name my next pet rock "Brittany" so that I can pretend to talk to you.

Random quote from my life: "*sniff sniff* Do you smell that? I love the smell of slash in the morning!"

Feel free to show it to whoever! If you actually post it somewhere, could you credit me? I'm kinda proud of it, is all. =P

You're NEXT pet rock? Let me guess, the first two were called 'Kirk' and 'Spock.' Y/Y?

If you really do name it Brittany, you do know that you'll have to send me a picture of it, right? Because that is too damn weird and funny to miss. XD

Ooh, I love the first one, it's going in the folder of images that serves as my screensaver. What's the font, BTW? I have a couple of Trek-type fonts, but they don't seem to look quite as good as yours.

The font is called Starfleet, and you can snag it (and a ton of awesome stuff) over at XD

I loled a lot with your vagina of time travel!!
and i can't wait for the next "ship closet" even my Hubby is looking for it he is fan of yours, no so much K/S fan at all, but he loves your show!

and really "The Snarky Metal Vagina of Time Travel" make my day, specially because not 2 minutes ago i was explaining to my boy about the vaginas, spermatozoids and such for his test tomorrow!!!

"Fuck you, it's canon"
Also, I can't wait till TSC! WHY must it take so LONG???

Every time you call the Guardian a vagina, it makes me morbidly curious about where you're seeing vaginas that are shaped like that.

I don't want you to tell me. I'm just stating that the question comes up. o.O

YES. The Snarky Metal Vagina of Time Travel was one of the (many) things that had be peeing on myself laughing.

And I would so use the FUCK YOU wallpaper if I didn't have to share the computer with my entire family, which includes two kid sisters, so...


I think it was the Guardian of Forever...oh well...

I'm going to say this, and I hope you don't freak out or think I'm a weirdo, but...


*flees behind the couch after saving the backgrounds*

I JUST watched the new episode and, in response to your comments about Sturgeon including symbolic erotic asphyxiation in other works, I turned to my husband and said "This is ridiculous! IT'S CANON." Then I saw this wallpaper. You win at life.

The "fuck you" one is just epic :D

can you please repost or send me the first pic? photobucket banned it :(

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