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AIM Convos!!!!
brittanyksduh wrote in brittanyspirk
I just posted a new K/S AIM Convo over on DevArt, which you can see here:

If you have not a freaking clue what I'm talking about, start here:

Sorry about the lack of wallpaper goodness lately. I've gotten into fics and the Commentary and The Ship's Closet, and Photoshop had to take a backseat. I haven't forgotten about it though. Not by a long shot. Bwehehehe

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OMG! These are amazing!!!! I love them so much!!!

you're amazing! both kirk and spock are so in character!

Awww, so cute. :D

Hey, I noticed the See Trek Love website is up again. Pimpage in The Ship's Closet, y/y?

Oh CRAP I totally forgot about doing that. I will totally do that in the episode this week. =)

Whee! :D

I showed The Ship's Closet to my friend in real life and she was overjoyed.

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