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Battle of the BAMFs extras + Special Note
brittanyksduh wrote in brittanyspirk

USAGE RULES: Take if you like, please credit to 'Brittany Diamond' if you use. Many thanks. =)

As I was figuring out what my raise would be for the epic battle that's going on here: I ended up making a couple of variations that I thought I'd share, plus a Spock version of a previous K/S wallpaper.


1. Photobucket

2. Photobucket

3. Photobucket


1. Tribble Kirk. Enough said.
2. Rocket-happy offered up the text in a comment on DevArt just in passing, and I immediately wrestled it onto this wallpaper, because it is pure, pure win.
3. Yup, that's still enough said.


So Photobucket <strike>can eat shit and die</strike> temporarily disabled all of my photos because I had filled my 10 gigs of allocated bandwidth, so they'll be down until the 11th. Joy.
But I'm posting the new stuff under a different account, so it's all good.
Kind of.


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Oh Spock, you and your constant bending over to gain the Captain's attention. He has a seat, like, right there, but he never uses it. Why did they design the console like that? No, seriously. They could just have him looking up at the computer monitors they always use. And they don't need to show what's on the monitors if the budget's getting in the way. But no, they chose to have Spock bending over to look into some... thingy... He had a monitor at his station in the pilot. Remember, he was watching Kirk talking to his ex boyfriend Gary... Then Gary looked at the screen like 'Oh yeah, I know you feel threatened by me. I have awesome powers and silver eyes, so take that.' I'm in a weird mood right now, it seems...

Hey, so when's Mirror Mirror gonna be put up? And hey, I meant to ask you before, have you already decided what each episode of TSC will be, or are you just picking scenes as you go along?

I'm gonna be really busy this week, so Mirror Mirror won't be up until next week. =(

I'm basically just choosing stuff as I go for TSC. I'm trying to get a mix of the big things that everyone knows about and small (but equally important) things that people may not know about.
I do already know what's gonna be on the next episode, though. I even have the promo made. XD

::checks:: But it's not uploaded...

Oh, I'm not uploading it until next week. My bad, should've mentioned that part.

Pleasepleaseplease tell me Mirror Mirror is with your beta? I NEED MOAR COMMENTARY OMG!!!

I got swept away by real life (boohiss) and now I'm about to get swept away by the upcoming Ship's Closet episode, but the Commentary is very, very far from being forgotten. It's my first born, after all.

The good news is that I'm actually working on it now. The bad news is that I'm only to minute 13.
...but hey, it's in progress!

Damn that real life, always getting in the way of our fannings! Still, I'm glad that you're at least working on it. Do you think you'll get it finished before you start work on TSC?
I'm just glad that you're still passionate about it, because I know that with myself I can start out obsessed with something and wanting to do everything, and then at a certain point I lose motivation. I hope hope hope that doesn't happen to you, because your AnalyzationCommentary really needs to be finished, and it would be so awesome if TSC developed enough of a following to get noticed by TPTB - the writers have said that they search the internet for info on ST, so it is a definite possibility! ::continues bolstering your enthusiasm for your projects...::

PS - you're halfway to 1000 subscribers on TSC, and you have over 1000 commenters on your AnalyzationCommentary. I think that makes you officially badass.

*LOLz to the max over "aestheically pleasing backside"*

Did you see this over on ontd_startrek? I know you're a tos chica but I thought there were some interesting parallels to be drawn to the things Gene R. used to say about Kirk and Spock...perhaps that was just me, though. I tried my hand at being all analytical and shit in the comments ;)

I found you through the Yahoo list and a link...
I guess it's okay with you if I friend your shining K/S community. I loved every single demotivator, poster etc...

...and I guessed wrong. It says that you don't accept new members. Oh well, please let me know when you change your mind. *shrugs*

Edited at 2009-11-11 08:17 pm (UTC)

Of course you can friend the comm! <3

(What Yahoo list?)

You can watch the comm, but I don't let people join because then they could post things and this is my personal thing.
If it doesn't even let you watch, though, let me know and I'll argue with LJ until it gets sorted out.

Oh, there was a misunderstanding, then.
I successfully applied to "watch this community" feature.
You know, I have an art-journal myself, and when I created it I just chose the option about myself being the only one who could post on it. So people can join, but they can't post anyway. But to me it's totally okay to watch without joining. :)

The yahoo list is KirkSpockCentral.

I just wanted to let you know that I've friended you because you are so amazing! I'm a huge fan of The Ship's Closet. And I think I'm gushing like a fangirl. But it's ok, I'm used to fangirling. So please keep up the amazing work! And thank you for one of the best laughs I've had in a long time, next to Shatner telling Nimoy that he starts rumors on purpose. Aka Slash rumors!!

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