I Belong to You - A K/S Fanmix

We all knew it was coming, and actually it's coming in two parts. This fanmix is about their relationship during TOS, so there are songs about flirtation, sexual tension, devotion, inner conflict, beauty, a little bit of everything that made their painfully obvious attraction so much damn fun and GUH to watch.


***Back cover with song list and download link here at my journal:

A Battle of the BAMFs wallpaper that is also relative to our interests

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Episode: The Menagerie Pt. 1

Text is mine.

For the icon version, and oodles of Kirk and Spock sexiness, head on over here to The Battle of the BAMFs, that I run with Anoncomment7:

A Couple of Random Things

***USAGE RULES: Take if you like, please credit to 'Brittany Diamond' if you use. Many thanks. =)

So I was in the middle of working on a rant for The Ship's Closet, and I kind of got in a feisty mood. The next thing I knew this wallpaper existed:


Sensitivity fail, ftw.

Now this wallpaper has actually been a long time coming....


I don't even remember what the real name of that thing is. I'm sure they said it in the episode (City on the Edge of Forever), but I was too busy calling it what it looked like to pay attention to silly things like actual names.
Because really.



(You can read all about The Snarky Metal Vagina of Time Travel here in the City on the Edge of Forever chapter of my Analyzation/Commentary:
::cue The More You Know star::)

AIM Convos!!!!

I just posted a new K/S AIM Convo over on DevArt, which you can see here:

If you have not a freaking clue what I'm talking about, start here:

Sorry about the lack of wallpaper goodness lately. I've gotten into fics and the Commentary and The Ship's Closet, and Photoshop had to take a backseat. I haven't forgotten about it though. Not by a long shot. Bwehehehe

Battle of the BAMFs extras + Special Note

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As I was figuring out what my raise would be for the epic battle that's going on here: I ended up making a couple of variations that I thought I'd share, plus a Spock version of a previous K/S wallpaper.

Collapse )

This is What I've Been Doing All Day

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1. Episode: The Naked Time. Text is mine.
2. Text is from Depeche Mode's "The Bottom Line," and the actual image is pretty huge so if you have a hi-res screen like I do the text will be a cinch to read once you download it.
It might look kind of simple, but it took me forrrreeeeeveerrrrrrr.
Figuring out the concept + taking two hours to add effects only to decide it looks better like this = the only real wallpaper for today.
I dig it, though. Hard.


Wayyyy too much adorable for one wallpaper

USAGE RULES: Take if you like, please credit to 'Brittany Diamond' if you use. Many thanks. =)




This is a combination of two wallpapers that were made as part of the party that's going on here:

Anoncomment7 made the Spock one, and I made the Kirk one (try to not to fall out of your chair from the shock), and this combo wallpaper was requested, so here it is. =)


1.        2.


1. An icon was requested too, and Anoncomment7 obliged.
2. Someone also requested an icon version of my Dashing Spock wallpaper. =)