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The Blackout Series - Kirk/Spock
brittanyksduh wrote in brittanyspirk
USAGE RULES: Take if you like, please credit if you use. Many thanks. =)

Anoncomment7 taught me a nifty little Photoshop technique, and the result is a brand new series of wallpapers I've nicknamed The Blackout Series.


Three more after the cut. #4 is NSFW.





-#4 kills me dead on a regular basis.

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Oh yes!

Those are all awesome and I have to agree with you on #4 ;-)


*gasps* omg i LOVE the 'fuck me' one x so perfect how its just the bottom of their faces :P - so much. LOVE. -

btw - this is KaiiDee23 you may or may not know me from commenting on your analyzationcommentary but im anonymous coz i dont have and LJ :3

Layer masks! A great technique. And these are gorgeous and awesome!

Actually, I couldn't figure out how to type in a layer mask, so I just made the pic a clipping layer to the text. Is there another way to do it?

*is always wanting and willing to learn more about PS*


These are all fucking brilliant, and they seriously capture the emotion *cough* I mean the logical alternative *cough* of each scene.

I especially love the "T'hy'la" and the "Fuck Me" ones. :D

The first one is now my desktop, just so ya know. Hogod, oh, but the broken love one... It's like a broken heart... And the way the broken bit covers both their eyes, it's just... poetic in some kind of way that I'd probably articulate better if I understood poetry. <3<3<3 All of them!

I should copy/paste my reaction to number 4 from our skype convo last night, but I think I'd like to keep my dignity.


You know how much I love it, that's all that matters.


you're so awesome with wallies! it's like i can't get tired of whatever you're posting here!

I so love your work! It's adorable and you're very skilled. Thanks a MIILION, I mean it. It's so great you can express all this in such a adorable way where I would only fail, although it's as much in my heart.

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